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Hi Sheetal, thank you taking time out to speak to We’re always keen to give exposure to those in our culture who are progressing our strengths and values in a way that will inspire others. Your background and upbringing certainly is inline with what most Asians will recognise. Was your move into the performing arts a conscious decision, or one that was of natural progression from your interests while growing up ?

Answer : I know a lot of people that find acting to be something they knew they wanted to do from an extremely early age but for me growing up was always about basketball and dancing..they were my biggest interests and I think the acting came out of the performance, challenge, and process that each of those always held for me. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else and am committed to the work and dedication it takes to nurture and continue growing with it.

How did your friends and family view your steps into acting and dancing?

Answer : In the beginning, I think that they weren’t sure if it was just a phase or a hobby so they did not really understand the depth of how much I loved the work and wanted it to be my career..and of course, this business is not one that lends itself to stability so, wanting only the best for me, they would definitely suggest other things that they knew I was good at; once they really saw what I was doing and how hard I work, they have been nothing but supportive and are having fun with it themselves.

Today you have a number of film titles under your belt and each seems to have placed you in roles that suited you well. What make your decision on the roles that you have signed up for?

Answer : ‘Suited me well?’ not sure what that means but for me it is always about the character and script…I need to be moved when I read the script and it is not about being the lead is about finding characters that are challenging and different..i don’t think about what people may think if I do this or that because it can’t be about that- I just try to make choices that lend it self to good and interesting work regardless of the size…

By “Suited you well”, I mean you seem to be selective about your rolessuch that you’ve played them well. Which of your movie roles have you enjoyed the most?

Answer : honestly, I know that you want me to really be specific and name one role but I really cant…each one has a special place in my heart for different reasons…to name a couple- ABCD I am very protective of ; one of the most honest and gutsy films- Nina was my first role and I loved playing her…American Chai was an opportunity to make a fun and moving film that anyone can relate to…I just finished Dancing In Twilight which was a dark film touching on loss and love from a different perspective…I really have enjoyed all of them for different reasons and met some really great people that continue to be lasting friends…

You do have an appearance and image that appeals to an international audience, and I’m sure you’d love to move your career into a wider arena. What type of movies would you like to progress your career into?

Answer : I’d just like to continue working…and I realize what this business is about so it is not that simple…so of of course I’d like for people to stop asking what my ethnicity is before possibly casting me…ideally, we need to be more adamant about moving in a direction that one’s background/type does not matter but honestly, if my career ends up taking me into movies that appeal to even more people than it is just icing on an already delicious is a privilege to have the opportunity to do what I do…

What about Bollywood ? Can you see yourself dancing in the rain on top of a mountain wearing your favourite sari?

Answer : I have an affinity for dancing so I have a secret desire to have an outrageously crazy, pull out all the stops, guest ‘item number’..but other than that, I would use the same rules there in choosing…and honestly, nothing that has come my way has intrigues me yet and it is difficult to find roles for stronger is unfortunate that an industry that puts out such amazing numbers of movies does not encourage the actresses to really display what is apparently some great talent…I don’t understand it and it is upsetting to not be able to see these wonderful girls do their thing.

Hollywood and Bollywood have been brought closer together in recent years with shows such as Tinsel Town and movies such as the recent “Bride and Prejudice”. Do you feel this fusion works?

Answer : I have not seen ‘bride’ yet but generally speaking..If done correctly, then anything can work..and to take the best aspects of two different cultures and put them together- you would think that success would be inevitable but you also can’t do something for the sense of doing it if the story and characters don’t exude it really comes down to a specific basis and I think the elements are there..we just need the right people to be doing it for the right reasons and I do think they exist…

So, are there any actresses or actors (western or asian), that inspire you, or perhaps would like to work with?

Answer : Julianne Moore, Diane Lane, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Ed Harris, John Malkovich, Johnny Depp, Aamir Khan, Tabu, Shah Rukh, Naseeruddin Shah

Do you have a target in your career ? Or are you just enjoying what you do today?

Answer : I am taking it day by day and trying to just focus on being betteron every level, as a person, in the work, as a contributing member of society,etc….

Okay, some fun/spot questions now…

1. What’s your favorite food?

Answer : JUNK- esp. DORITOS

2. What’s your favorite color?

Answer : indigo

3. What’s your favorite movie?

Answer : way to complicated to answer just like that but generally, and in no specific order – Dead Poets Society, Shawshank Redemption, A Few Good Men, The Hours, Hillary and Jackie, Damini, Aaina, Beta, Sharabi, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing….

4. What’s your favorite TV show?

Answer : MacGyver

5. What was the last clothing item you bought?

Answer : Shawl/wrap

6. What makes you laugh?

Answer : intelligent wit

7. What phrase defines your outlook on life?

Answer : keep your eyes open and your heart close

8. Name one habit that you have.

Answer : shaking my leg (not being able to sit still)

9. Name one item you could NOT live without.

Answer : photos

10. Name one person who you’d live with on a desert island.

Answer : too personal

Finally, do you have any message you would like to leave for our readers?

Answer : In whatever journey you choose for yourself, define success for yourself and let that be your barometer in deciding where you set the bar for yourself..and never become apathetic..keep raising it and strive for the best part of yourself.

Our thanks to Sheetal for a glimpse into her world, a well balanced individual making a sure step up in every move she makes in her career. Find out more about Sheetal’s movies at her website

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date : 23/11/2004 22:15:09

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