#SSChats is a new conversation series where you can hear Sheetal dish and interview about the entertainment business with talents on all sides of the process. Experience different perspectives and points of view from those in the thick of it everyday. Head on over to https://www.sparemin.com/sheetal to hear some very juicy interviews!

But wait…there’s more!

Want to chat with Sheetal?
In honor of all the messages, questions, and thoughts she gets, she is also using SpareMin to take one on one calls from time to time. Since she can’t answer every email, tweet, or message, this will be a special treat where you can dish for 5 minutes. You can chat acting, politics, and even life, love and the pursuit of happiness…!

If you want to participate, all you have to do is:

1. Put in a Talk Request to @sheetal on SpareMin. Note, you will need to download (free) the Android or iOS app to do this.



2. After you put in a Talk Request, you will get a notification when Sheetal goes online and then you will hopefully connect for a call at either of those times.

*Note, calls are limited to 5 min each and all calls are recorded and may be posted on social media so other people can learn and enjoy, so don’t plan on talking about anything too personal. πŸ™‚